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Name: Amy
Northern Virginia
Always loved horses, wanted to ride as long as I can remember, just never really had the chance to do it regularly.  In college, went over to friend's farm to ride, got on a horse I had no business riding and ended up with a broken collarbone.  Shortly after healing I found somewhere to take some weekly lessons.  I've ridden off and on since then but pretty regularly the last 4 years.
Tango (registered name-Park Street).  I got Tango in December 2001 as a three-year-old stud.  Brought him home, had him gelded and starting working with him.  He is my first horse and I am loving it.  My trainer said she had several people asked her if she had lost her mind.she couldn't let me bring home a young OTTB that was a stallion, too!  She hadn't seen him yet but said she knew I was very sensible and that she trusted my judgment. Luckily, he has been amazingly forgiving and has taught me much more than I have him.

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Name: Big Tee©
Regina, Saskatchewan
STB racing guru
Horses: The Donald
and Rambo, both STB's

The Donald in "I wanna be an Arab"

Don (left) and Rambo in "Ready to Go"


Name: Brian and Brooks
I am "retired" from the horse racing/breeding industry. I have worked at
several breeding farms in central California.
Rad, 15 years old the chestnut gelding, is my horse, a wedding gift from Brooks. 
Music, 16 years old the bay, is Brooks' horse, a former park horse I retrained for Brooks to ride.  We also have 8 Dairy goats, and cats and dogs, we live out in country.




Name: Chris Paus
rural Paola, KS, just south of Kansas City
I just turned 50 on Dec. 10, 2001. I have two grown sons and several grandchildren. My oldest son, Aaron, lives in Wisconsin with his SO and family. My other son, Abe, just graduated from college and lives in Kansas City, MO. My first grandchild, John, comes to visit us often and he is becoming quite a good horseman at the ripe old age of 6. We also have 3 big dogs and 2 cats. One of the dogs, a black Lab named Bubba, is my riding companion. He goes everywhere with me and Star. My poor husband went from being a bachelor with no responsibilities to all this! He's taking it in stride and for a city boy, is very good with the horses.
Horses:  My husband, Ray, and I raise Arabians and Anglo-Arabians. We have 5 "Bay-Rabs" and one silver dapple pony. Boy, does she stand out in the crowd! I do competitive trail and endurance riding for fun and teach distance riding lessons. My main riding horse is a bay gelding named Star. We have two broodmares, Brokenmoon Latifa (tee) and Shakeela Lee (Shak). My next endurance horse is Dafina Alimar, or Ali, a bay 19-month old filly. We have a darling 7 month old Anglo filly named Brokenmoon Athena who is sold, but we get to keep her over winter. Athena is the best baby we've raised, such a sweetheart. We have a small farm of 15 acres and live very near a state park and lake with miles and miles of trail. We are members of the Arabian Horse America "Discovery Farm" program which means we are available to people who want to know more about Arabian horses.

BayRab Acres


Name: CC (Colleen)
N. central MD
I started riding when I was 10 and got my first OTT at age 14.  She was a little chestnut mare named Mistress Ilona. Misty and I competed in competative trail riding, western and english 4-H, show hunters, dressage and eventing. I have also galloped and trained babies at a TB training farm. Right now, my goals include just enjoying both my boys in trail riding, foxchasing and improving our dressage and jumping.  Some day I may attempt a little horse trial with Carambi.
Horses: Rawhide Leo Dancer
. 1987 chestnut QH/TB by Rawhide Dave out of Mistress Ilona by Executive Officer. Dancer is a wonderful horse who has done a bit of everything but on a very small level as he has some hq weakness from either a neurologic disease or an injury as a baby.
Carambi. 1988 bay TB gelding by Carnivalay out of Ambitioninhaste by Bold Ambition.  Carambi came to me as a frustrated, spoiled 10 yr. old. We have both come such a long way and I look forward to much more improvement and a stronger bond in the years ahead.




Name: Christi
Plano, TX
I got the horse bug as a child, when I attended a hunt breakfast and got to sit on "Bruce". I started taking lessons from the MFH and got my first horse, a spirited OTTB, at 16. I spent several years riding for an old fashioned horse trader who lived next door. He would bring horses home from auction and we'd figure out their previous training. I got King on November 1, 1999.
Horse: Easy King
, 12 yo OTTB, 16.3hh, dark bay with star and snip. I heard about King from Sherry Shypailo, of the Sam Houston Race Park's Adopt-a-Horse program. King was 10 years old, and headed for the end of his racing career. King has a shattered sesamoid, and enjoys his retired life doing clicker training. He loves to bowl and play music.




Name: Claire (LV)
Las Vegas
I live in fabulous Las Vegas, where I work as an animal trainer on the Strip. I also write about positive reinforcement training (especially clicker training) and am supposed to be working on my latest book RIGHT NOW. Hehe. I'm English but moved to the USA in 2000.
I have three exracers, all TB's. Jasper is my bay gelding just turned 7 but acts like a 3 year old. He raced twice in CA and came last both times! I have had him for a year and discovered just after. We had some setbacks with injuries etc. but now he is doing so great, we started showing (small stuff) next month.
I just got Duke, my brown gelding straight from Turf Paradise AZ a week ago. I'm looking forward to bringing him along. He's 4 years old and only raced lightly. Although the fastest horse in training, he hated the melee breaking from the gate.
I also have Avalon, a dark bay 13 year old mare. She's bowed too many times so has now become a broodmare. She's out on lease at the moment and will foal an anglo arab next year. I will breed her myself at some point.






Deb Helms
SW Missouri, 14 miles east of Joplin, 5 miles south of I-44 at Exit 22
Was born with horses in my 'blood'. Not just horse crazy, but horsed insane. Was raised in town, but country-bound at heart. Rode horses every chance I got. Rode some good ones and just about as many bad ones. Am a Grandmother to six. Two of my own and four Step-Grands, but still my own.
Horses: I currently have a QH mare, A Sharp Can, aka 'My Candy'. And Cody, the blind Appy.

deboncandy.jpg (412236 bytes)
Top: Deb on Candy
Bottom: Cody



Name: Dee, Brian, and Derek
Our Story...I'm the kid that hunted as a child and was dropped off at the barn, saving every penny for lessons. Then I discovered boys. @25 years later my youngest son, Derek, entered the first grade and started riding. Together we bought our first horse, I was 40 Derek was 7, we boarded.  The horse was a big pill, Derek learned to ride real well real fast, earning the coveted title of "Velcro Butt". Derek joined PonyClub at age 10, Older brother Brian age 12 decided it looked fun and decided to ride...The rest is history, this year he competed at Pony Club Nationals in Eventing on his 22 yr. old OTTB "Skeets".  At 12 Derek was too young to qualify. O'Tay Bucky has been trained solely by Derek since he came off the track 18 months ago. They just completed their first USCTA event finishing 8th beginner Novice Horse.  We started working with OTTB's 2 years ago after meeting some folks from Rerun in a tack shop. We have since taken 5 horses off the track and retrained them. Their athleticism and work ethic inspire us all. And sometimes we wonder how those big bodies can hold their gigantic hearts. This site has been our inspiration/information connection.  We thank you all! PS I have included a pic (an appendix)of Sam and Derek, since you all helped us through his skin graft last year. Some people bring home stray dogs and cats, we bring home OTTB's...even though our farm is small and we are far from financially comfortable....did I mention that my husband is a Saint?
Horses: O'tay Bucky, Sam I Am, Skeets


Brian and Skeets (top three pics)

Derek and Bucky

Derek and Sam


Name: Dineen
New Jersey
when I was you much younger I did h/j's. The higher and faster the better. I had been given a horse for a short time when I was a teen and free leased a few horses as an adult
Horses: Tag Dancer (Molly...Miss Molly....Angel) 18yo 16h Appendix QH. Although she did not race she still had a 'career' before I got her. Molly is an ex-jumper that I mostly just fool around with. She has turned out to be a very nice trail horse (most of the time lol). She is
gorgeous, can be a tad 'hot' around the jumps, but we are getting past that and have really started to click.  She is a total angel on the ground. My kids can just smother her with attention and she just eats it up. Is great around other horses.. and just never has a bad side to her.
Cher (Cherokee Tribute): 1990 OTTB gelding. 16.2h. Cherokee came to me in 2002 through Moo, who needed a home for him. He's a big goof ball with a great personality. He's king of his paddock, a great trail horse and a very special friend. I can sit with him (even ON him) while he is laying down in the paddock and with a few scratches on his ears he'll fall asleep in your lap.
Rhea (Recycle) 6yo OTTB mare 16.1h. Rhea also needed a home that I took in. Well, other than she cribs I can't say one bad thing about this girl. She is amazing. She was a broodmare for few years before she came to me. Had a very short career as a racehorse. Foaled one beautiful
filly last year. I wasnt sure what to expect from her when she first came, other then taking my breath away at her beauty and ability. When we first starting riding i couldnt believe how easy, smooth and willing she is. We trail ride, do ring work and im hoping to have a great dressage mount with her.

cherokeecropped.jpg (353652 bytes)



Name: Goaliemom (Terrie)
Southwestern Michigan
Independant Goal is on the left and is a 1991 gelding who is the alpha of my herd. Goal is sweet and yet can be quite a challenge at times as he must always know what the next step is before he will agree to do anything. I love him dearly and he was my 1st OTTB

Harbor of Grace aka Billy is in the middle and he is quite the little warrior born in 1996. His earnings are over $400,000.00 and he is a champion. If you don't believe it, just ask him. He will always be the first to let you know that he is the fastest horse on the farm.

Eagle is on the right is my gray 1994 gelding. Eagle is the comedian of my herd and always trying to get you to laugh. His motto is "Why plan for anything" He lives for the moment and I love his gentleness with the children.


goalieandeagle.jpg (67568 bytes)
Goalie, Billie and Eagle



Name: Jenarby
Location: West Point, OH
Background: I started out taking lessons as a kid in MD where I grew up. Found out how much fun horse trials were and was hooked on eventing. When I moved to go to college (Lake Erie College) I turned more towards the hunters. After leaving school, I focused more on breaking out colts and retraining exracehorses. Now I work exercising racehorses and still do retraining and
sales when they are ready to retire.
Horses: Sealy: aka "Simply Sealy" 2004 TB filly. I bred and raised Sealy here on the farm. She's got about 60 days of under saddle training on her but I put 6 months of ground work into her first. I hope this year to have the opportunity to take her to some local shows and hunter paces. Then eventually to event her.
Blake: aka " Doc's Peak" 2003 TB gelding. I bought Blake as a resale project off the track. After watching my MIL ride him for me (for sale pics) I decided I wanted him for myself. He's laid back and easy to work with. He seems very trainable and very sweet. I hope to turn him into a hunter pace horse as well as an eventer.


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addie2.jpg (24613 bytes)
addie3.jpg (40764 bytes)
Addie and Sealy
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Name: Kat
North Georgia
I started riding when I was 8 and over the yeasr I have done just about everything.  I started western, the went to hunters, then did the jumpers, and dressage, and then - just for kicks - galloped and broke racehorses.  Though that was my true passion, I am unable to gallop racehorses any longer due to an accident I got breaking out of the starting gates.  I still like to ride my big New Zealand event horse, Vow, my pony Happy, and of course I never tire of playing with our racing prospect Delightfully Irish.
Feeling Free "Thistle" Hunter/Jumper, 16.1 liver chestnut, now being leased by a pony clubber.  He has a heart of gold, and tought me sooo much :-)
Cautious Val "Vow" 17.1 New Zealand x steeplechaser, event horse.  We got him free since he was going to be put down.  He has turned out to be an answer to prayer.  I can't say enough good things about him.  LOL, though I could make quite a profit by selling him, I will probably have him till the day he dies.
"Happy"  Another "rescue" horse, that I'll probably never sell.  I would like to breed her one day...anyone know a good pony stallion?
Delightfully Irish "Maggie Mae" our filly that we bred and raised ourselves.  She is only 16 months, but we would like her to go to the track when she's 3.  She has so much personality, she thinks she's a lap dog, and is so laid back that she will lay down beside me, if I sit on the ground.
"Ben" 23 year old TB 16.2, chestnut.  He was my first horse and is as crazy as a loon.  We tried to donate him to a rehab program when I had to retired him from showing, but a year later they gave him back to us - he is a real nut case -  but he is another that I will always have.....and I wonder why I'm so broke?  Ben will always have a special place in my heart.

Thistle and Kat during a "fun lesson"

Ben in his younger days - he's 23

Happy - In the winter time

Delightfully Irish "Maggie" posing for her Jockey Club picture

Vow in his first hunter/jumper show...Mom why are we jumping these itty bitty jumps?


St. Louis Area
I waited nearly 30 years for my first horse, and it was definitely worth the wait!  I'm not big on riding, but love caring for TBs from the ground, where you don't have to worry about how well you bounce - as much.  I work as a groom for a TB racing stable, as a graphic designer, and I am the Fairmount Park Coordinator for CANTER. (Keely is also the graphic artist for
Horse: Brisco County
, 9 y/o OTTB, 16+ hh.  I watched Brisco run at the track where I work for two years before I finally got him on Christmas Day of 2000 - without a doubt the best Christmas ever.  He is happily retired as a pasture puff and aspires to be just like his Bowling & Piano Playing hero, Easy King. You can see his progress in retirement on his website.


Name: Kym McGoey
Farmingdale, NJ
Gunner registered name Genki  12 yo 16.3 hand bay gelding that ran 118 times with 13 wins from the age of 3 to 10. I got him 2 years ago from his owner/trainer and have retrained him to do Dressage, trail riding and jumping. He's a good boy now but he wasn't easy that first year, I'm glad we worked out our issues and that I have this great partner for the rest of his life.
Honour registered name Guest of Honour
5 yo stallion 16h stallion that ran 29 times from age 2 to age 5 and never broke his maiden. I got him from the same owner/trainer as Gunner exactly 2 years later. I've only had him a short time but already he has proven to be something special. He's much easier to re-train than Gunner was, he's so soft and well balanced and tries so hard to please that he just gets better and better every day.


Guest of Honor


Name: Regina P. (LoveMyTB)
I started riding when I was 10 years old and stopped riding at 15. I was out of horse industry for 10 years before I bought my fist horse Mime.  Mime has taught me a lot about horses, ownership and the vet bills. I am very experienced in colic symptoms now and I know all vets in Illinois and Wisconsin. Mime is a very special boy, he was almost put down from a puzzled colic that he had every day for 8 months at the age of 4. He has visited every vet and every clinic in Illinois and left everyone puzzled until Dr. Austin from Wisconsin Equine Clinic figured out his problem. Now he is on a special feed 4 times a day and has been doing fine for the past 2 1/2 years and hopefully will stay like that forever. My purpose for him was to be a Dressage horse but we did not get to do it until 2003 as I did not want to push him since he was still recovering. The year of 2003 we were finally showing in Dressage Schooling Shows where we placed 1st & 2nd and had a score of high 50th and low 60th. How about that for a 1st show and a recovering horse!!! Dressage is defiantly Mime's sport when he steps into that ring it's like I have a show horse that has been in the ring many times before and knows what to do. He gets collected and does everything you ask of him until he leaves the ring. He is a great looking horse with a huge hart, great personality and a little bit of an attitude. He loves to do Dressage but likes to play more than he likes to work. I love him to pieces and he is now stuck with me for the rest of his life.
Horse: Mime,
7 year old TB Gelding that I bought from a breeder at the age of 3. He was trained to be a racer but did not make it on Arlington and Hawthorn Race Track in Chicago. He was too slow for the track and didnít have the hart to run.

reginamime1.jpg (596042 bytes)

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reginamime3.jpg (433399 bytes)

reginamime4.jpg (71786 bytes)



Name:  Margie Linn
Location:  Upstate New York (Geneva), not far from Finger Lakes Race Track
Background:  I loved horses as a child but had little opportunity to have hands-on contact. I made up for it by having every
book, every statuette, poster, etc. of anything horse related. My nickname in elementary school was, what else? "horse". I became "hands-on" when my then 12 year old daughter started taking riding lessons at a local stable. The rest, as they say, is history. 
Her passion for horses and riding was immediate and she was soon spending all of her time at the stable. Her very first show was a big one at Cornell Univ. and she came away with a Reserve Champion. She won a huge equitation class and I knew at that point that she had the goods and we were in it for the long haul. I purchased her first horse, Lord Wins Again (Ebony), off the track as a gangly three year old with a case of the slows. Ebony was a big (about 16.2), dark bay wild child that my daughter was intent on taming. The three of us spent everyday together for years .Ebony is now 14 and expecting her first foal in May! 
My daughter is now a freelance exercise rider at Belmont Race Track and has her assistant trainer license. I left my 20 year career as a perinatal educator and health educator/family planning counselor and succumbed to the pull of the race track. I'm a groom in an up-and-coming stable, working for a very close friend and loving almost all of it (the hours suck!). I'm learning a lot about the horses and about myself, but mostly I'm reveling in the smells, sounds and sheer magnificence of these most beautiful animals.
Horses:  Ebony:
Pro On Ice: 12 y.o. OTT gray gelding. Pro's presenly enjoying a freewheeling retirement with a small and diverse herd of playmates. Pro won 11 races in 1997 alone: his regular rider was the trainer I now work for. Pro is a strapping gentleman who is looking for a new home with someone who can give him more time than I can at present.
Feathered Nest: 5 y.o. dark bay mare. Feather is still in training although she is lightly raced. She was give to my daughter by a trainer at FL and she's made a fair amount of money for her. She's a solid, well built mare who will make an excellent broodmare when the time comes.
Every horse in our racing stable: As soon as a horse comes into our stable, it's "mine", no matter who the owner is. I choose to do this work - and it is WORK - because I love the horses, not because I have no other options. I'm following my passion now and it's been a most welcome change in my life.


Name:  MOO
Location:  Haymarket, VA
Background:  I have been riding my whole life, mostly hunters , from the rated circuit in FLA to Hawaii and finally here in Haymarket, VA, where I am assistant trainer of Leap Of Faith Training services. We specialise in re-training OTTBs. : )  I'm 18.
Horse:  I've had Cherokee ( reg Cherokee Tribute, Show : Flying First Class) since October of 99, he's an 11 YO 16.3 beautiful dark bay gelding with a long white blaze and a back right heel white. He's been in show jumper training and has been showing tremendous talent!


Name:  Niaru (aka Claire)
Location:  Maine - USA
Background:  I am one of those 'horse lovers since birth' and have been riding for, oh...a loooong time! I come from a dressage/jumpers background and rode lots of different horses from ponies to warmbloods. When I came to the US from France I got my first horse, a Morgan mare. I wanted to try an American breed and she did not disappoint me, willingly doing everything I asked her to, including eventing, during our 8 years partnership. She passed away in 1998 and I still miss her very much, just like I miss my brave little Ottb mare, Rita, who died after a freak pasture accident in 2003.  Like many, I am juggling work, family and horses and it's not easy!
Horses:  Your So Charming, "Charm", a 15.1 hands, 1998 bay Ottb mare by Minstrel Dancer (by My Gallant) that I bought in Feb. 2003 at the track in Boston. She has very good ground manners and is a fun ride . Quite bold over (and after!) fences and coming along nicely in dressage. Most of all, she cracks me up! I plan on eventing her, once she has calmed down a bit over fences.
Bucks Lullabye, "Lulla", a 15.2 hands, 2001 bay filly by Wheaton (by Alydar). I found her at the track in Boston in March 2004. I am letting her time to fill out and relax. She is a real sweetie, very affectionate with people, perfect ground manners, and just learning her new job under saddle.

Visit Niaru's photo album!

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Name: Paula
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
As long as I can remember I have always loved horses.  I took up riding when my parents moved to Saudi Arabia and rode there for a few years. I gave up riding until 1994 when I decided it was time to start again.  I rode lesson horses and even leased a few over the years but in 1998 my dreams finally came true.  My husband purchased Canasta for me.  In 1999 Canasta and I showed dressage here in Alberta and even participated in the Canadian National Dressage Championships (Western Division).  In 2000 we were supposed to show at a higher level but fate had other plans for us. Canasta's career was ended due to a injury to her left hock.  Now, she has
give me a beautiful filly and has just been confirmed in foal again (8/15/2001).  Hopefully, Briana will grow up to be my next dressage horse.
Canasta, 17 yr. young OTTB and Briana, a 2001 Canadian Warmblood (Canasta's Daughter)

Paula and Canasta




Name: Shannon
Upstate NY
started riding at age 4 and showed in Leadline until she was 8 on several different ponies and OTTB`s. She showed her Pony Apple Annie to 4 straight year end Championships in the pony division and has brought along several OTTB`s to successful show careers including Silver Sheik, Ask CB, Tuti`s Secret, Takesome Believing, Distant Daydreamer (Super Pass) and her current horse Lord Reddington (Sir Redoy). She is going to college next year to start her education so she can become a vet.
Horses: Lord Reddington
(Sir Redoy)


Name: Shannon Middagh
Location: Saskatchewan Canada
Background: The first time I was on a horse I was 3 months old. My aunt used to be a barrel racer in British Columbia so I was stuck on her horses. When we moved to Saskatoon, I went through a horseless period due to finances and didn't start actually riding until I was 14. Now I spend day and night at the barn, where I am riding Dressage. I did jumping for awhile, and loved it at first, but eventually found that dressage was my thing. I dreamed of being a jockey for many years (and being only 5'1" I'm fine with the height issue) but realizes I'm not nearly aggressive enough.
Horse: Handy's Mister Big aka Mystery. I don't own Mystery, he is owned by Saskatoon Horses and the Handicapped, the stable I ride at. My coach has given him to me as a project. Mystery is a 16hh chestnut Quarter Horse gelding, who is blind. He's the second blind horse I've worked with at this farm, the first was a blind peruvian paso named Ben. I've been working with Mystery since the day he got to the farm, and have fallen in love with the brat. Hopefully I'll buy him one day, as he's only 5 and still has a lot of life left in him.  I've never owned my own horse, but have fallen in love with many, but Mystery seems to be perfect.


Name: SK
near Flint, MI
I board my Thoroughbred mare, Cosette, about 20 minutes from my home.  I bought Cosette (Dance Til Three) right off the track, two days after her last race (she finished 3rd).  By her first summer, we were showing at hunter/jumper shows, and she did very well.  Last summer we went into dressage training (to help our jumping).  Cosette is my third ex-racehorse.  She injured herself a couple times this summer (2001), so we only competed at one show.  Hopefully next summer will be more productive.
Horse: Cosette
(Dance Til Three)

Visit SK's Website


Name: S.May
Columbus, Ohio
My backyard operation pretty much rules out a competition career for Teddy, but for a "project" I couldn't ask for a more fun horse. Besides the fact that he bloomed so nicely from the auction meat pen where I found him, he also is smart, willing, a little headstrong, but with lots of potential! I'm looking forward to lots of years with him.
Horses: Tender Twilite
, aka "Teddy" (Imperial Canadian), 1994, 16.2hh OTTB gelding; Silver Twister, Welsh Pony; Winny, 6yo STB gelding, gray
See Teddy's homepage!




Name: Sue/Silver
Upstate NY
started riding when I was 12 and worked with many top level H/J trainers on LI, my first horse was a TB filly with a less than desirable temperament. I showed her in just about everything from model to Open Jumpers. I raised Appaloosa Sporthorses for awhile as well as retraining and selling OTTB`s for the last 20+ yrs and am currently rebuilding my breeding business with my grey TB stallion Classic Mistrial and 2 broodmares Toyi Toyi and Miss Vixon.
Horses: Distant Daydreamer (Super Pass)
, '91 15.3H OTTB gelding who was on his way to a one way trip when I decided to take him, and isnow a very successful and versatile 'been there done that' horse and a super bold jumper.
Final Target, aka PeeWee, '94 16.2H homebred raised TB gelding, very sweet but sometimes self destructive orphan who thinks he's a human.

Visit Sue's Website

Distant Daydreamer



Name: Tracy
Southwest Florida
I have been horse crazy my whole life but have only just begun to live my dream to learn to ride correctly and compete in dressage.  Would love to be able to ride well enough to re-train OTTB for a living (and fun!)
Madchen "Mattie" a 6 year old light liver chestnut OTTB mare that I adopted from Second Wind in WV.  Mattie is my first OTTB that I have had the pleasure of retraining myself.  I have learned a lot from her...probably more than she has learned from me but boy are we having fun.  I plan on competing in dressage with her when we are ready.
Mon Ami "Ami" a 12 year old bay TB/Rheinlander cross mare that I also adopted through Second Wind.  Ami is an ex-eventer that needed a less stressful job.  So I adopted her as a dressage mount.  The wonderful thing about Ami is that she will try just about anything!  She can jump the moon, work a nice dressage test and even do some reining manuevers!  She is a packer! 

monami.jpg (26370 bytes)
Ami and Mattie


Name: Vida
Horse: Eagle


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