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General Horse Training and Healthcare

Brisco County's Health and Lameness Forum 

National Fjord Racing Association

The Horse Show with Rick Lamb -- Listen to a wide range of horse topics online

Vet Rap Glossary -- by Charlotte M Newell, DVM

The Horse Conformation Board

Hope for Soundness

Horse Transport Companies -- a listing from Firesong Farms

How to give your your horse an intramuscular injection

Internet Vets -- an online veterinary drug reference

Leg Set -- It's Effect on Action and Soundness of Horses

Pet Pharmacy -- online veterinary drug glossary -- farrier and hoofcare resource center


Horse Supplies -- Specializing in Australian, English and western saddles like Big Horn, Circle Y, Tex Tan Hereford, King Series, custom saddles and carry a full line of new and used saddles and tack in stock with online ordering and free shipping.

Wild Horse Jewelry

Valley Vet

American Livestock Supply

Arcaro's Saddlery and Supplies

Charlotte's Saddlery

Divoza -- online International tack store -- Rick's Heritage Saddlery

Rider Supply

Chick's Discount Saddlery

Silver and Leather Tack

Other Types of Racing

Wiener Dog Racing





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