Horse Haiku


Haiku is a Japanese poetry form. It's very simple, usually 3 lines: 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. There are some variants can check out the many Haiku pages on the web for more info (click here for a link).

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Aria (by Keely)

Aria is swift
Flying over bright green grass
Will she ever stop?

Aria (by Debbie)

The wind through her ears
Rushes laughing on my face
We run with the moon

On Being Herdbound (by Coyote)

Away from my herd
Alone, I cannot break free
Cribbing brings solace

Contact (by Coyote)

Threads of brown leather
from my lips to your fingers
hold me in safety

Yet Another Race (by Keely)

Legs old and crooked
Step boldly on to the dirt
He'll try once again

This Morning At The Farm (by Keely)

Quiet Relaxing
Fresh air blowing in my tail
Poop in my water

Untitled (by Allie)

New Bridle Fits Well
Tastes So yummy in my mouth
Why does Mommy Cry?

Untitled (by Allie)

Boo-Boo On my Leg
Don't think Mommy can fix it
Vet just bought new Porshe 

Untitled (by Allie)

Vet walks into barn
We all call him Dr. mean
Watch me squash his foot

Untitled (by Allie)

Scary Broom behind
I must run for my own life
Why is mom muddy?

Untitled (by Allie)

The creek looks so deep
I'm supposed to walk right in
What am I? Stupid?

One More Bill (by Allie)

I've kicked my stall down
Goo is dripping down my legs
Why is mommy laughing?

Dumped (by Allie)

Big coop up ahead
Why are we going so fast?
Stopping here sounds nice

Rub Rag (by Allie)

Mom is all dressed up
Where are we going today?
I spray Horse Boogers

Faster (by Allie)

We Run in Circles
Faster, Faster, it's so fun!
Who is "Whoa Dammit"?

Racehorse to Showhorse (by EventRydr)

Little Forrest Gump
On the track they all laughed
I could never win
Now I'm almost Never
No more running just jumping
Mom cries over ribbons

First Horse (by Allie)

Big, Beautiful, Bay
You take such good care of me

Riders Up! (by Keely)

Forty hooves pounding
tails stream, dirt flies, sharp whips crack
Bright silks shimmering