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The bulletin boards at Exracers.com are a wonderful way to share your questions, ideas, and experiences with retraining all types of exracers. We welcome you to join in the fun of posting, or simply 'lurk' in the background.

Rules of Posting

Be friendly and respectful to others -- While we may not all agree, it is necessary to treat all others on the boards with respect and courtesy. Any posts with the intent to flame, harass, embarrass, harm, or discredit others will not be tolerated.

No Copyrighted Information -- Please refrain from posting any information that is copyrighted or owned by someone else. If you quote studies or other sources, please provide full credit to the original author and publication. Exracers.com will not be held responsible for copyrighted information that is posted on the bulletin board. Any individual who is in violation will be held solely responsible.

Reporting Violations -- If you feel you have encountered a violation of the rules, please contact the webmaster.

Exracers.com reserves the right to revoke posting privileges from any individual who is found in violation of these rules. Any posts found to be in violation may be deleted from the boards.

Posting FAQ

Q: I'm new. How do I post?

A: It is very easy to post a new message on the Exracers.com board. First you need to register

If you wish to reply to an existing post, first click that message. Once inside the appropriate message, you can simply click the Reply button, and add your text to the reply box. You have the option to Post or Preview your message. You can also come back to your message later to edit, by clicking the Edit link within the message.

If you with to start a new thread, click the New Thread link within the specific forum where you want to place your message. 

Q: I posted my message, but I don't see it on the board.

A: Sometimes it is necessary to refresh the website before new posts will show up. At the top of your browser, you should see a button to Refresh or Reload. If you don't see the button there, you can also click View on the File Menu, then select "Refresh" or "Reload". This will reload the current page, and your post should now show up.

Q: How do I include a 'clickable' link in my message?

A: Simple! At the top of the message box, you will see some buttons. Click the hyperlink button, which looks like this:  and it will insert a tag inside your message. Within that tag, replace the text "URL" with the address of your link.

Q: How do I post a picture?

A: To post a picture on the board, the image must first be uploaded to a web server. If you don't have access to a web server, you could try one of the many image hosting services on the web, such as